Tinsel Birch exhibited ...
Covid-19 forced the PhotoPlace [Gallery] to postpone the exhibition of the "trees" collcetion, jurored by artist Wendi Schneider. But now its open and selected picture of mine "Tinsel Birch" is exhibited as well (Still so proud ;-)). Visit the installation gallery!
Covid-19 help ...
I recently spent some time going through my pix of the last 6 months which are mostly trees and woodland inspired. Most of the photographs are taken in or quite close to my hometown. This is the area I am still able to visit during the Covid-19 lockdown. I created a special section with the ones I love most. Find them here: localtreescapes.
I did not get into selling any of my work yet. But I would like to give it a chance to help the ones in need: You can order the picture below via americanfineart as a print (or any other of their artwork options). 100 % of my personal earnings will go to UNICEF.
Interested? HELP here!
Like to order any of my other images instead? Let me know...
Bit off scope ...
Product photography is not the thing I usually do. But I was happy to support when my niece was asking to take a kids pics series for the launch of a new product of SPACEPRODUCTS ®, a company she is working for. The SPACEWALLY. Check their Website to see my pics and by one!
I've been selected!!!
Beginning of 2020 I decided to give it a chance. And bam ... succeeded right at the first try: I cannot tell you how proud I am being selected for the gallery exhibition "Trees" at PhotoPlace [Gallery] Middlebury VT US. Competition was jurored by artist Wendi Schneider. She selected one of my latest pics "Tinsel-Birch" to be one of 38 exhibited works...
You are near Middlebury from 20/04/02 - 20/04/25? - Visit the "Trees" Exhibition!
t i n s e l  b i r c h Kornwestheim Germany, winter 2020
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